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Join our donor-advised fund and be smart about giving with heart.

Join Taxpayers Who

Save On Taxes

Every deposit to your OJC account is considered a tax-deductible donation that dramatically reduces your tax bill.

Support Stress Free

Save time, money and effort by advising us how to distribute your grants and/or using our innovative Certificate Books.

Keep Charity Safe

While deciding which cause to support, your funds are kept secure in our regulated fund, protected by banking-grade encryption.

Giving in 4 Easy Steps

Transfer funds

Open an account and donate funds you wish to allocate for future charitable giving. You can add funds at any time.

Get Tax Deduction

100% of the donations to your DAF account are immediately tax-deductible for the same fiscal year. OJC Fund provides you with an optional printed receipt.

Order Certificates

Supercharge your giving by ordering OJC Certificate Books, available in blanks or preprinted in any combination of denominations you prefer.

Recommend Grants

When you’re ready to contribute to an organization or cause, simply use a certificate, or log in to recommend any amount available in your DAF account.