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Because of the high operating standards to which OJC adheres, it incurs significant administrative costs, and must therefore charge fees to cover these costs.

The OJC Fund makes every effort to ensure that your contribution recommendations are secure and are handled responsibly.

In addition, The OJC Fund operates under a strict set of regulations. This further ensures the safety of your DAF account monies. An oversight board meticulously monitors the operations of The OJC Fund, to ensure that it conforms to all the relevant legal requirements and government regulations, and that all funds are handled in a manner consistent with the highest standards of fiscal responsibility, risk-avoidance, and integrity.

The fee for The OJC Fund’s administrative services is a one-time charge of 1-5% of your full donation to The OJC Fund. Most of this amount will be used to cover administrative expenses. The remaining funds, if any, will be distributed by The OJC Fund to charitable causes.

The 4 easy stepsto save lots of time and energy by contributing donations

  • Deposit an amount

    Open a DAF account with The OJC Fund and deposit your funds into it. There is no minimum required. (You may deposit your funds by check, ACH, wire transfer, etc). - You may add any funds at any time.

  • get a tax deduction

    One hundred percent of the funds deposited into your DAF account are immediately tax-deductible as a charitable contribution, for which you will get a receipt.

  • Receive your Recommendation Certificate book

    You will receive one or more books of certificates, as required. These may also be pre-printed in the amounts you indicate.

  • Start recommending Grants and Contributions!

    When you wish to contribute to a charitable cause or organization, simply use a certificate, for up to any amount there is in your DAF account.