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Getting started

Although The OJC Fund’s DAF (Donor Advised Fund) Account and program is not a checking account, as explained later, it does resemble a checking account somewhat - You deposit your funds as a full charitable donation to The OJC Fund Public Charity and these funds are credited to your individually identified DAF Account. You may then regularly advise The OJC Fund of your particular grant and charity recommendations, by using pre-printed recommendation certificates or by any other means.

After a legally required scrutiny and approval by The OJC Fund, the grants are forwarded to the charity you recommended, and then debited from the deposited funds in your DAF Account.

Although the DAF account resembles a checking account, it is actually more advantageous than the latter, because it greatly simplifies your charity record-keeping responsibilities. At the same time, it allows you to claim more deductions.

How it Works
Technically, each certificate represents your recommendation as to where the indicated amount should be distributed. What this means in practice is that The OJC Fund takes the burden of verifying an organization’s tax-deductible status off your shoulders.
Instead of wondering whether or not your donation meets the IRS regulations for qualifying as a tax deduction, you can be assured that The OJC Fund takes full responsibility. OJC will screen all charity recommendations and approve them only if they conform to IRS rules and regulations. Moreover, since you are crediting your charity funds to The OJC Fund, your contribution immediately qualifies as a deduction. This is most important when you are keen to get those tax deductible donations in, before the end-of-year deadline.

Each certificate you issue is assigned a bar code, and is tracked using a sophisticated computerized system.

Each month, The OJC Fund will send you a detailed statement, showing the disposition of the funds disbursed from your DAF Account.

The 4 easy stepsto save lots of time and energy by contributing donations

  • Deposit an amount

    Open a DAF account with The OJC Fund and deposit your funds into it. There is no minimum required. (You may deposit your funds by check, ACH, wire transfer, etc). - You may add any funds at any time.

  • get a tax deduction

    One hundred percent of the funds deposited into your DAF account are immediately tax-deductible as a charitable contribution, for which you will get a receipt.

  • Receive your Recommendation Certificate book

    You will receive one or more books of certificates, as required. These may also be pre-printed in the amounts you indicate.

  • Start recommending Grants and Contributions!

    When you wish to contribute to a charitable cause or organization, simply use a certificate, for up to any amount there is in your DAF account.