Start with an Account.

Your online OJC Fund account is the key to doing your charity your way.




Log in from any device to manage your account



Donate funds, recommend grants, suspend certificates, and generate reports

As Simple as a Checking Account

Although your OJC Fund account is not technically a checking account, the two share similarities in simplicity, elegance and transparency. You can donate funds by check, ACH, wire transfer and other popular methods, and receive an instant tax deduction on your full donation.

The funds are then credited to your individually identified DAF account, and you can begin regularly advising OJC Fund to distribute grants by using your online account or our preprinted recommendation certificates.

How Recommending a Grant Works

Make grant recommendations in 3 easy ways: Log into your account on the portal, use a certificate, or swipe your Chaity Card. OJC Fund always assumes the burden of verifying the organization’s tax-deductible status

After a legally required scrutiny and approval by OJC Fund, the grant is forwarded to the charity you named, and then debited from the funds in your DAF Account.

In instances of a religious organization where your recommendation is not listed by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization, OJC Fund contacts the charity’s administrator to obtain documentation and ensure your donation is tax deductible.

Every grant is recorded and each certificate barcode tracked. This automatically generates a detailed monthly report showing the distribution of funds disbursed from your account.