Annual fee


Open an account with a one-time charge fee between .6%-5% (see schedule) and recommend grants for free forever .


Annual fee


Open an investment account for one low flat annual fee.

The Cost of Doing Good

Minimal fees enable us to adhere to higher standards


Enforcing the strictest operating standards incurs significant administrative costs


Board oversight, IRS and Attorney General reporting, and ongoing monitoring keep our fund compliant


Any fees remaining after administrative expenses are distributed to charitable causes

No-fee transfers from portfolio account to regular account.

When you transfer funds to a DAF account, the portfolio account creates a double tax benefit: stocks donated incur no capital gains tax, yet provide a deduction on the full market value amount. You can fund your portfolio account in three ways: Transfer stocks to our DAF for sale and liquidity; hold stocks in our DAF while enjoying the gains; or invest through one of our partnered actively managed ETFs.

Transfers from your portfolio account to your regular account are always free. The regular charge structure will apply and will be discounted by the administrative fees already paid on the investment account. This also gives you access to Certificate Books and other non-investment benefits.

Open portfolio account Open regular account