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How you benefit

How will the OJC System benefit you?
The simple way!

  • Every dollar of your contribution to OJC, including the administrative fee, is tax-deductible.
  • Moreover, it is deductible immediately, as soon as you deposit funds into your DAF account, which is particularly important near the year-end.
  • When you donate through The OJC Fund, you need not keep track of dozens of donations, and the corresponding documentation. We give you one receipt that covers everything; this is all the proof you require for tax purposes.
  • You don’t have to worry about whether or not the donations you made are deductible. If you make the donation through your DAF account with The OJC Fund, and you don’t receive any goods or services in return, it’s deductible.
  • You no longer need to be concerned if you find yourself in a situation where you can’t get a receipt from everybody who approaches you for smaller donations on behalf of many different charity organizations. It’s not a problem. If you’re giving an OJC recommendation certificate, you’re covered. This is reassuring in view of the fact that the IRS now demands proof of all charitable donations.
  • If you cannot be on hand when charity solicitors are calling, and you wish to leave other family members in charge of dispensing donations, they can simply use The OJC Fund recommendation certificates. You don’t have to be present to sign checks or to ensure that receipts are obtained. You will still have the proof that you require for tax purposes.
  • Since the OJC Fund is recognized as a Public Charity, you can donate a larger percentage of your income through The OJC Fund, and have it considered tax-deductible, more than you could if you were to donate through a private foundation.
  • Using The OJC Fund recommendations certificates rather than checks or credit cards prevents your sensitive financial information from falling into the wrong hands.
  • You can donate to foreign institutions through OJC and your donation will still be tax deductible.
  • Many people find The OJC Fund system handy for managing their ‘’MA’ASER’’ obligations. They simply deposit into their The OJC Fund DAF account the funds that they are designating for ‘’MA’ASER’’, and the system will provide them with a full record of how much and where to it was donated, as well as the amount that remains in the DAF account to be distributed.

In short, using The OJC Fund DAF program is the more convenient, secure and economical way to contribute. That’s why so many are already participating in The OJC Fund system!

Our many satisfied DAF Account holders prove that you should join us!

The 4 easy stepsto save lots of time and energy by contributing donations

  • Deposit an amount

    Open a DAF account with The OJC Fund and deposit your funds into it. There is no minimum required. (You may deposit your funds by check, ACH, wire transfer, etc). - You may add any funds at any time.

  • get a tax deduction

    One hundred percent of the funds deposited into your DAF account are immediately tax-deductible as a charitable contribution, for which you will get a receipt.

  • Receive your Recommendation Certificate book

    You will receive one or more books of certificates, as required. These may also be pre-printed in the amounts you indicate.

  • Start recommending Grants and Contributions!

    When you wish to contribute to a charitable cause or organization, simply use a certificate, for up to any amount there is in your DAF account.