If you are thinking of selling off some stocks that you’ve held for over a year and depositing the cash into your OJC DAF — don’t do it.

The benefits of donating the actual stock are far better. The benefits also apply to bonds and mutual funds.

If you give the stocks to OJC you obtain a double tax benefit:
  • 01 Avoid paying capital gains tax on it, which generally ranges from 15-20%.
  • 02 Take the fair market value of the stock at the time of the donation as a charitable tax deduction.

Donating stocks with OJC

The process for donating stocks to your OJC DAF is a simple one.

Transfer ownership to OJC.


Receive a receipt for the FMV on the date you donate.


There are no fees for
donating stocks.


OJC sells the stock on your recommendation. OJC reserves the right to sell the stock if the stock values drop significantly.


The cash is deposited into your OJC account.


Then recommend to any charity you want.

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