Meet our newest fund: a partner plan where you and your charity work together

Discover a plan that works for you,

You and your charity
work together

Skip the Hassle

We kept the framework simple, so you don’t waste time or energy

Cut the Clutter

A highly visible paper trail makes it easy for you to file for tax deductions

Trim the Exces

What you see is what you get: there are no additional accounting or legal fees.

Meet our two-tiered plan:
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All recommendation certificates/online. Initial & Add’l Contributions: $250.

Pre-paid Free

No bank account on file needed; no blank books available

Donor pays: 0%

Charity pays: 3%



Standard Free

Auto Next-Day Refill 1

Donor pays: 0%

Charity pays: 3%

When system confronts a negative balance, accountholder receives notification regardingwithdrawal at 6:30pm, and account auto-fills following morning at 7am. The Autofill system charges negative balance plus $1,000 credit. The amount will be rounded to the nearest $50 or $100. Account holders may log in and make a donation before the time of the automated draft to cover the negative balance. Minimum deposit will apply.

Note: Every OJC account holder may order Nadven certificates with $2-$3 amounts. These certificates are deducted immediately from DAF balance. Lost certificates are irreplaceable. OJC recommends limited use, for Purim only.
Shipping and handling charges: Shipping via USPS priority mail (1-3 business days) is $10 (Default option). USPS priority mail express (1-2 business days) is $25 (Upon request). USPS standard mail untraceable (up to 12 business days) is free (Upon request). Charge is waived for first order on new account.

Meet our a partner plans:
The premium plan
with a streamlined structure