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OJC Overview

Welcome to the wonderful world of The OJC Fund!

The OJC (Orthodox Jewish Community) Fund’s program was established for people just like you. People who are passionate about generously supporting worthy causes, without wasting countless hours on irksome and unnecessary paperwork.

Such people like to invest their time and energy as carefully and as shrewdly as they invest their money. They want information about their charitable contributions at their fingertips, and they want to maximize their charitable deductions without spending endless days tracking down and organizing receipts.

With The OJC Fund, all your charity records are neat, organized and in one place! This makes your reconciliation easier, It tells you at a glance where every charitable dollar went, simplifies tax preparation, and liberates you from many hours of paperwork drudgery. If you should face an audit, what a relief it is to know that all your charity records are in one place!

The OJC Fund offers numerous other advantages. It protects your financial information, ensures that each charity dollar goes where you want it to go, and prevents you from exceeding your charity budget. In addition, it enables you to donate anonymously and still qualify for a tax deduction. Also, you can put money into your OJC account by the end of the year (and qualify for the deduction for that year) and still take your time to decide to which charities you want the money to go. Donating through the OJC Fund also has advantages over donating via a private foundation. And of course, The OJC Fund makes the charity-giving process even more convenient by enabling you to recommend your DAF Account donations via our web site or via our practical system of pre-printed Recommendation Certificates. In short, the OJC Fund saves you time, energy and money, provides convenience and flexibility, and spares you from endless aggravation.

For more information, please contact the OJC Fund by phone at: 718.599.1400.
Join the many satisfied DAF Account holders who participate in our program --- it will be one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make!

Save time, money and energyand eliminate paperwork

  • Save time, money and energy, and eliminate paperwork
  • Simplify audit preparation
  • Even small donations are not lost
  • Keep everything organized
  • Get one receipt for all donations
  • Donate via our website
  • Monthly statements
  • Review the daily status of your account any time
  • Low cost --- great value
  • Keep your funds and information secure
  • Ensure that your funds are deposited into the proper account
  • OJC’s operations are transparent and carefully monitored
  • Conforms to all tax regulations
  • Gives you flexibility at year’s end
  • Get a deduction even when donation is anonymous