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The Orthodox Jewish Community (OJC) Fund is a registered public charity and donor-advised fund (DAF). Inspired by the generosity of Jews everywhere, we are driven to make charity easier on donors and more impactful for recipients.

How we help you take a C-suite approach to charity

A CEO Mentality

The smartest donors invest their time and energy as carefully and shrewdly as they invest their money. That’s why we put your contribution information at your fingertips, and guide you to maximize your tax deductions without tracking down charities or organizing receipts.

A CFO Mentality

Unlike a private foundation, our DAF leaves you with zero liabilities or paper burdens. All your transaction and distribution records are organized in one place—your online account—keeping perfect track of every dollar and donation. From tax prep to audits, you know everything at a glance.

A COO Mentality

We give you all the tools you need to give smarter. Protect your financial information, guarantee charity validity, lock in a deduction while taking your time deciding, and refrain from exceeding your budget. You can even donate anonymously and still qualify for a tax deduction.

Foundation vs. DAF

Do the DAF

Join our community of savvy taxpayers who participate in the OJC Fund. It is one of the smartest investments you can make.