The DAF with a Giving Nature.

OJC Fund is designed to benefit both donors and charitable organizations.

get started

Start Small or Big

Open an account with low minimums and no maximums

Transparent Fees

Know exactly how administrative and legal fees are covered

No Office Hours

24/6 drop boxes help charities collect quicker

OJC Fund features a number of innovations that take the DAF concept further. Our renowned Certificate Book is the most popular, and has become one of the reasons more Orthodox Jewish donors choose OJC over any other DAF in the United States.

Certificate Books are available to all donors at no cost. When ordering your certificates you can select to receive blanks to fill in any amount at any time, or you can choose preprinted certificates in any combination of denominations you prefer.

Our Certificate Books completely change the way you recommend grants

PC-less Convenience

Give anywhere at anytime without the need to log into your online account

Streamlined Giving

Support any cause without verifying tax ID or charity details

Transaction Security

Hide your bank account number from recipients and avoid fraud by confirming large distributions you recommend

Tangible Handover

Replace mail-in envelopes with physical certificates that feel like real giving.

Instant Response

Give at an event or respond to a fundraising mailer with ease.

Tracked Certificates

Barcodes track each certificate so you can see your distributions and balance

Smart Budgeting

Certificates help you control your charitable spending budget

Maximum Deductions

Utilize every dollar of your contributions as tax deductible

Easy Anonymity

Donate anonymously and add personal memos to certificates