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Why the OJC Fund

Turn a tax nightmare into a dream come true

If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably confronted the following situation at one time or another:

You’re trying to organize the receipts for your charitable contributions. You doggedly gather them and other documentation that you have assiduously collected all through the year. But then you find that, for a variety of reasons, you cannot fully deduct all your contributions, because:

  • You didn’t bother to get a receipt for every donation you made. This often occurs when you are dealing with many fundraisers at the same time, as typically happens on Purim or other such occasions.
  • You contributed to some eligible charity organizations that don’t have an identification number recognized by the IRS.
  • You contributed to foreign institutions.
  • And of course, some of those little scraps of paper simply got lost in the deluge of documents.

In short, you’re left with an untidy mess, and a bunch of questionable donations. Taming the paperwork tiger is a job in itself!

Is there an easier, more efficient way to do this?
Yes! Welcome to the OJC certificate program!

The 4 easy stepsto save lots of time and energy by contributing donations

  • Deposit an amount

    Open a DAF account with The OJC Fund and deposit your funds into it. There is no minimum required. (You may deposit your funds by check, ACH, wire transfer, etc). - You may add any funds at any time.

  • get a tax deduction

    One hundred percent of the funds deposited into your DAF account are immediately tax-deductible as a charitable contribution, for which you will get a receipt.

  • Receive your Recommendation Certificate book

    You will receive one or more books of certificates, as required. These may also be pre-printed in the amounts you indicate.

  • Start recommending Grants and Contributions!

    When you wish to contribute to a charitable cause or organization, simply use a certificate, for up to any amount there is in your DAF account.