Get more out of Giving.

Do charity the DAF way and enjoy a number of strategic benefits

How it works

Taxation Benefits

  • Every dollar deposited into your OJC account, including administrative fees, is tax deductible
  • Deduction is valid immediately, even while you’re still deciding on which charities to support

Accounting Benefits

  • One unified receipt from OJC Fund eliminates the need to track individual records/documentation
  • Your OJC receipt is all the proof required for year-end tax preparations and audit purposes
  • Online or certificate giving ensures you receive a tax break even on anonymous donations

Efficiency Benefits

  • Your Certificate Book enables family members to handle solicitors so you don’t have to be on hand
  • Use your Certificate Book to make donations while on the street, at an event, or responding to mailers

Security Benefits

  • Keep your financial information safe and get a daily alert of all large certificates and online recommendations you distribute (over $1,000)
  • Know where recurring contributions are up to (vs. checks) and ensure auto-cutoff (vs. credit cards)

Charity Benefits

  • By donating online or with a certificate, even the smallest donations are recorded and deducted.

Earn. Automate. Assist

Joining our DAF is a wonderful way to automatically allocate a percentage of earnings to charity. Many of our donors find this the easiest way to manage their ma’aser (10% of income) obligations. Simply set up a recurring donation, and our system keeps your charitable commitments up to date.

Get started

DAF Vs. Foundation

Participating in a DAF makes charity so much easier than running a private/family foundation.

Donor-advised Fund

  • Has no annual distribution minimum
  • Shifts liability to the OJC Fund, leaving you with one receipt to file
  • Tracks donations automatically
  • Incurs absolutely no additional accounting or legal fees
  • Shows only cumulative holdings, without individual donor detail
  • Alerts you of user-set thresholds and balance shortages
  • Allows for as much as 60% of your income to be deducted
  • Provides 24/6 online access with real-time transaction updates

Private Foundation

  • Must distribute at least 5% annually
  • Holds you accountable for proving each check is written to a valid org
  • Forces you to track receipts
  • Involves all kinds of accounting and legal costs
  • Makes holdings info public, giving solicitors leverage to push for more
  • Puts you in charge of tracking balances and available funds
  • Caps maximum contributions (and deductions) at 30% of income
  • Creates withdrawal latencies and accounting glitches